The Sims™ Mobile APK Mod v2.8.1.128241 - Android Game

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Mary Nelson

By Mary Nelson
On 20th January, 2018
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The Sims™ Mobile APK Mod v2.8.1.128241 - Android Game




Free Download The Sims™ Mobile APK Mod v2.8.1.128241 - Android Game, a Modded Game for Unlimited Everything & It Is Unlocked Game from AMZModApk.

Fall in love, start a family, pursue dream careers, and fulfill aspirations and wishes. Have fun your way in The Sims Mobile!

Play with life in The Sims™ Mobile! Create your Sims, give them unique personalities, and customize their homes with more detail than ever before on mobile. Interact with other Sims to form relationships and unlock rewards. Experience your Sims’ lives as they accomplish career goals, party with friends, and fall in love. What stories will you tell? The legacy your Sims leave behind starts today.

Features of The Sims™ Mobile APK Mod v2.8.1.128241 - Android Game

  • Customize your Sims with distinct appearances, hairstyles, outfits, and accessories. Add different personality traits and choose their life goals from careers like Fashion Designer, Club DJ, and Doctor, to hobbies like Cooking, Guitar Playing, and Writing.
  • Design your Sims a home where they can experience all that life has to offer. Effortlessly personalize home layouts and designs, choosing from a variety of furniture, appliances, decorations, and more. Unlock activities like making tacos or thinking in the shower, and decorate with item combination to access unique actions like snuggling on the couch with your sweetheart. Plus, unlock fun venues like a fashion studio, restaurant, and nightclub and customize their layouts.
  • You have the power to shape your Sims’ families over multiple generations. When your Sims accomplish their career goals and retire, you’ll be rewarded with Heirlooms that unlock hobbies and careers for future generations, allowing new Sims to tell deeper stories. A grandfather’s success as a local politician may open the path for his granddaughter to be governor, or even president. A mad scientist uncle could inspire his nephew to become an astronaut.
  • Host and attend parties with other Sims where you can socialize, show off your amazing house, earn rewards, develop romantic relationships, and even decide to move in with other people’s Sims. Sims can also join big moments like The Alien Arrival. There are endless ways to make choices and connections!

What's New in The Sims™ Mobile APK Mod v2.8.1.128241 - Android Game

  • 2018-01-16
  • Winter has arrived! Celebrate the holidays with a Parkside event to unlock special content. And now, your Sims will discover unique stories – from secret crushes to love at first sight – that lead to new types of relationships. Plus, enjoy new visual upgrades and other behind-the-Sims improvements. Thanks for playing!

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